In Food industry, the important criteria to the consumers are the food safety itself and its hygiene. No matter what the food’s categories, for example raw meat, frozen food, seafood, fruit, herb / ingredient or others, whoever is able to deliver the better food freshness to consumers, they will achieve a strong competitive advantage in the market. Freshness of food determines the food’s quality and avoids any negative impact on the consumer’s health. Food freshness can be achieved by applying vacuum packaging to ensure there is absolutely no oxygen for bacteria to grow.

FreshSeal Vacuum Bag with the help of Nylon, is capable of reducing air transition inside out through the surface of the vacuum bag than normal plastic bags that improve and extend the shelf life of the food. It allows the food to stay moist, juicy and remain flavourful even after a long period of storage in the freezer. FreshSeal Vacuum Bag has strong durability and it does not break easily or get loose after a period of time.

Therefore, FreshSeal vacuum bags are your ultimate way in quality food vacuum packaging.

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FRESHSEAL (Non-Embossed)

• PA+PE materials.
• BPA Free / FDA Approved / Lead Free Compliant.
• Both side transparent.
• Suitable for Chamber type machine.
• Bags Packaging.
• Protect the packaged goods from freezer burn.