Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used to wrap around items to secure and protect them. It is widely used in the packaging industry for securing loads, bundling items together and stabilizing goods on pallets, protecting the goods from dust, moisture, and damage during transit.

Stretch film is typically made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). It can be stretch easily, allowing it to tightly conform to the shape of the items being wrapped. This elasticity creates a strong, secure bond around the items, providing stability and preventing them from shifting during transportation.

There are various types of stretch films available, including hand stretch film and machine stretch film. Hand stretch film is typically applied manually by hand, whereas machine stretch film is used with automated stretch wrapping machines for higher volume and efficiency.

Overall, stretch film is a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution widely used in logistics, shipping, and storage applications to ensure the integrity and safety of products during transportation and storage.

Key Feature:

• Protection from dust, moisture & damages
• Flexibility to wrap any shape and form of items
• Space optimization by bundling items together
• Easy to apply due to its stretchability and cling properties

Stretch Film Product Brand

Stretch Film – CorelessWrap®

CorelessWrap® is purposefully crafted to embody the principles of sustainability. By significantly minimizing waste, it serves as a proactive measure in safeguarding our environment. The adoption of Coreless Stretch Film fosters sustainable practices, presenting a lucrative business prospect. With no associated waste management costs, users can bid farewell to concerns regarding core disposal. GT-MAX takes pride in presenting our innovative and patented “Coreless Dispenser,” tailored specifically for the application of coreless stretch film.

  • Coreless
  • Cost saving
  • Go Green
  • Zero wastage

Family series:

  • Coreless Wrap® (Max+)
  • Coreless Wrap® (Cold)
  • Coreless Wrap® (Mini)

Stretch Film – PrimeWrap® Max+

PrimeWrap® Max+ is the pre-stretched film that has a thinner gauge than traditional film. PrimeWrap® Max+ assure the reduction of film consumption and provides a consistent wrapping tension. Due to its thin and strong structure, it can be fully utilized and saved up to 65% on your film consumption which exceeding double output.

  • Pre-stretched film
  • Folding edge
  • Thinner film
  • High load stability
  • Best holding force
PrimeWrap Max+

Stretch Film – Value Stretch®

Value Stretch® is the standard of general-purpose film due to its all-round performance for both convenience and valuable pricing. Value Stretch® is crafted from multilayer stretch films, offering an optimal packaging solution. It boasts exceptional strength, durability, versatility, and low maintenance. This product is most suitable for pallet wrapping & packaging of industrial products.

  • Multilayer stretch film
  • Great strength
  • Durability
  • High performance

Family series:

  • Value Stretch® (Strong)
  • Value Stretch® (Cold)
  • Super Value Stretch®

Stretch Film – FlexiWrap™

FlexiWrap™, also known as mini roll or bundling wrap, is perfect for safeguarding small loads during wrapping. Highly flexible, convenient, and residue-free, it ensures easy wrapping without any sticky remnants. Ideal for both light and heavy industries, it shields hardware and home appliances from scratches, dust, and dirt during storage or transportation.

  • Mini stretch film roll
  • Flexible
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use

Family series:

  • FlexiWrap (Strong)
  • FlexiWrap (Orbit)

Stretch Film Product Range

Stretch Film – Coloured

Coloured Stretch Film is mainly to protect concealment of goods and colour coding the inventory management. This would lead to increase of work efficiency as it could save a lot of time by differentiate pallets with colours.

Stretch Film – UVI

UVI Stretch Film is an additive that is used in making films that require protection from extreme sunlight or normal or direct sunlight.

  • Inhibits film degradation caused by ultraviolet light exposure.
  • Used for products stored outdoors.
  • Suitable for mulch, brick and others outdoor products.