Stretch Film – FlexiWrap™

FlexiWrap™ so called mini roll/ bundling wrap is ideal for wrapping protection of small loads. It is very flexible, convenient and easy to wrap without leaving any sticky residue on the surface. It is suitable for light and heavy industries usage such as protecting hardware and home appliance from scratch, dust, dirt when moving or storage the goods.

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FlexiWrap™ Series

CorelessWrap® (Max+)

• Strengthen film properties.
• Best holding force.
• Quick, easy to use, flexible & light weight.
• Non-adhesive, clean removal.

FlexiWrap™ (Orbit)

• Special designed for machine use
• It secures and bundles irregularly shaped items
• Suitable for bundling tiles, woods, plastics, pipes, boxes, aluminums, coppers, automobile parts, etc.