Stretch hood and Shrink hood are two distinct packaging solutions utilized across diverse industries to secure and protect palletized goods during transportation and storage. Stretch hood packaging involves the use of a stretchable film, which is stretched and applied over the load, providing excellent stability and protection. Commonly employed in logistics, construction, and manufacturing sectors, stretch hooding ensures secure containment of goods.
In contrast, shrink hood packaging employs a heat-shrinkable film, which is heated to shrink tightly around the load, enhancing security and weather resistance. Widely used in agriculture, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, shrink hooding offers a tight and protective seal.
While both methods serve to safeguard palletized goods, they differ in application, stability, equipment requirements, and level of security. Stretch hooding typically utilizes specialized machines for stretching and applying the film, whereas shrink hooding requires heat guns or shrink tunnels for heat application. Ultimately, the choice between stretch hood and shrink hood packaging depends on specific application needs and desired levels of stability and security.

Key Feature:

Load Stability: Both methods aim to stabilize palletized goods during transportation and storage, preventing shifting or damage.
Weather Resistance: Stretch hood and shrink hood provide protection against weather elements such as moisture, dust, and UV exposure, ensuring product integrity.
Versatility: Stretch hood and shrink hood can be used across various industries and applications, accommodating different pallet sizes and shapes.
Efficiency: Stretch hood and shrink hood contribute to efficient packaging processes, with relatively quick application times compared to traditional methods like wrapping with stretch wrap or strapping.

Stretch and Shrink Hood Product Range

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hood Film is an elastic tubular film which is used with special palletizing machines, without need of heat. GT-MAX produced with 5 layers coextrusion technology which is ideal for packing a heavy load, protecting it from damage and deformation.

Areas of use of stretch hood:

  • Building adhesives
  • Cements
  • Ceramic
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizers
  • Fodder
  • Food and beverage
  • Pellets
  • Tiles and Bricks
  • Topsoils and compost
  • Wheat and cereals

Shrink Hood

Shrink Hood protects goods and connects them to a pallet for safe transportation or storage by keeping the items tightly bound. To use a shrink hood, the heat-shrinkable film is placed over the palletized load, and then heat is applied using heat guns or shrink tunnels to shrink the film tightly around the load.


  • Building industry (cement, bricks, tiles, etc.)
  • Glass & bottle industry
  • Food and beverage industry (soft drinks, canned food)
  • Individual or unifying packaging of industrial and household appliances