PE cling film, the go-to solution for all your food packaging and preservation needs. Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, this versatile cling film offers exceptional cling and stretch capabilities, allowing it to conform tightly to various shapes and surfaces. Its unique cling properties make it perfect for sealing and wrapping food items, containers, plates, and trays with ease.

PE cling film is a staple in both commercial kitchens and households alike, trusted for its reliability and convenience. It’s the perfect companion for wrapping fruits and vegetables, or covering dishes before refrigerating or freezing.

One of the standout features of PE cling film is its transparency, allowing for easy identification of packaged items without the need to unwrap them. This makes it simple to locate specific foods in the fridge or freezer, saving time and reducing food waste. Additionally, its strong cling ensures a tight seal, effectively locking in freshness, flavor, and moisture while preventing leaks and spills. With its versatility, convenience, and ability to keep food fresh for longer, PE cling film is a must-have item in any kitchen or food service establishment.

Key Feature:

• Versatile: Suitable for wrapping a variety of food items, containers, plates, and trays.
• Clingy: Offers exceptional cling and stretch properties, conforming tightly to surfaces for a secure seal.
• Transparency: Allows for easy identification of packaged items without unwrapping.
• Freshness Preservation: Effectively locks in freshness, flavor, and moisture to keep food fresher for longer.
• Convenience: Streamlines food preparation and storage in both commercial kitchens and households.

Cling Film Product Brand

PE Cling Film – FreshieWrap™

FreshieWrap™ PE cling film is an indispensable tool for food packaging and preservation. Its exceptional cling and stretch properties ensure a tight seal around containers, plates, and trays, keeping food fresh and secure. Widely used in commercial kitchens and homes, it simplifies storage, prevents leaks, and extends the shelf life of food items. With its transparent design, it enables easy identification of packaged items, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency. Whether in professional settings or everyday use, PE cling film is the reliable choice for preserving freshness and maintaining food quality.

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