Garbage bags and others

Garbage Bags (Mr.Strong)

Mr. Strong (Strong)

  • 100% virgin materials
  • Strong and durable
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Garbage Bags (Mr.Smart)

Mr. Smart (Value)

  • Virgin and recycle materials
  • Quality + reasonable price
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Garbage bags (Eagles)

Eagles (Worthwhile)

  •  Recycle materials.
  •  Most cost efficient.
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EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags (Freshkip™)

FRESHKIP™ embedded an extra layer of high barrier properties EVOH in the sheet, and this is what makes FRESHKIP™ more superior in terms of barrier performance with OTR down to less than ≤2 cc/ compared to standard market products.

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Standard Nylon Bags (FreshSeal)

• PA+PE materials.
• BPA Free / FDA Approved / Lead Free Compliant.
• Both side transparent.
• Suitable for Chamber type machine.

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