GT-Max offers a comprehensive range of packaging accessories meticulously crafted to meet all your packaging needs. From essential items like OPP tape and strapping bands to specialized solutions like vacuum bags for food, our accessories are designed to ensure secure and efficient packaging for a wide variety of products.

Product Range:

Sealing and Securing

    • OPP Tape: Sealing cartons, packages, and parcels for shipping and storage.
    • Strapping Band: Bundling and reinforcing heavy loads for transportation and storage.

Food Packaging

    • Vacuum Bag for Food: Preserving freshness and extending shelf life of food items during storage.

Sealing and Securing

OPP Tape

OPP Tape, a versatile and essential tool for packaging and sealing needs. OPP tape also known as packaging tape or carton sealing tape, is widely used in various industries for sealing cartons, packages, and parcels during shipping and storage. This tape has a strong adhesive backing, ensuring reliable sealing and securing of packages. With its tear-resistant properties and strong adhesion, OPP tape provides a secure seal that helps protect contents from damage, dust, and tampering during transit.

Strapping Band

Strapping Band, a robust and versatile solution for bundling and securing heavy loads during transportation and storage. Strapping bands providing excellent tensile strength and durability. These bands are commonly used in various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and construction, to reinforce palletized goods, boxes, and bundles. Strapping bands help prevent shifting and damage to packaged items, ensuring safe handling and transit. With their flexibility and resistance to weather and moisture, strapping bands offer reliable reinforcement for securing loads of all sizes and shapes.

Food Packaging

EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags (Freshkip™)

Freshkip™ EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags, an innovative packaging solution crafted to extend shelf life and preserve food freshness. These vacuum bags are constructed with multiple layers, including an extra layer of high barrier properties EVOH, which significantly minimizes the risk of spoilage and maintains the quality of packaged food items. Commonly used for perishable goods like meat, seafood, cheese, and ready-to-eat meals, Freshkip™ vacuum bags offer superior barrier properties with an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) down to less than ≤2 cc/ Ideal for food manufacturers, processors, and retailers seeking to enhance product freshness and safety, Freshkip™ sets a new standard in vacuum packaging performance.

Standard Nylon Bags (FreshSeal™)

FreshSeal™ Vacuum Bags, the ultimate solution for preserving food freshness. Crafted from PA+PE materials, these bags offer superior durability and barrier properties to protect your perishable goods. Plus, they’re BPA-free, FDA-approved, and lead-free compliant, ensuring food safety and peace of mind. With transparency on both sides, you can easily identify the contents without opening the bag. Ideal for chamber-type machines, FreshSeal Vacuum Bags make vacuum sealing a breeze, providing a secure seal to lock in freshness and flavor. Experience the convenience and reliability of FreshSeal Vacuum Bags for all your food storage needs.