OPP Tape

OPP Tape is the most common type of clear tape used extensively in inventory management and product shipping. OPP tapes ensure your packages are properly sealed throughout transit and storage. It is handy for a wide range of applications, including packaging.

These characteristics are essential as a properly sealed package would ensure that nothing falls out or the package breaks. This tape is manufactured from BOPP film and has a clear, unique water-based acrylic adhesive coating. Due to its high resistance and tensile strength, it is lightweight, printable and highly adhesive. The excellent glossy finish and transparency gives the tape an exceptional look and finish.

Other types of tapes are not resistant to pollutants, whereas OPP tape offers a moisture-resistant barrier and can resist different pollutants and hazardous chemicals. This makes it ideal for securing cargo loads and packaging.

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Benefit of OPP Tape

• Good holding power and economical for carton sealing.
• Reduces the possibility of damage to the packaged products due to weather conditions, transportation.
• Highly conformable on most surfaces.
• Excellent clarity, high shear strength, superior quick stick.
• Excellent viscosity and good bonding performance with high durability.
• Available in clear that assures maximum readability of carton markings.
• Good cutting effect and excellent operation with general purpose packaging machines.