EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags (Freshkip™)

The packaging is the one field that can simply enhance the quality and benefit integrated into your product line. Today’s, vacuum barrier bags can be used to package a wide range of items for storage and/or resale. Whether you are planning to package food products for sale or distribution, FRESHKIP™ does provide various vacuum packaging that suits your application.

To prevent the contents of the packaging from both oxygen and moisture, FRESHKIP™ embedded an extra layer of high barrier properties EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) in the sheet, and this is what makes FRESHKIP™ more superior in terms of barrier performance with OTR down to less than ≤2 cc/m2.day compared to standard market products. EVOH exhibits extremely low permeability to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Hence, FRESHKIP™ vacuum barrier bags are particularly suited for packaging food and other perishable products.

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FRESHKIP™ Vacuum Bag

FRESHKIP™ (Embossed)

• PA+PE+EVOH materials.
• BPA Free / FDA Approved / Lead Free Compliant.
• 1 side textured.
• Suitable for all type sealer machine.
• Bags Packaging / Roll Packaging.
• 7 sizes available with same thickness (90 microns).
• Highly oxygen and moisture resistant, and exhibits high temperature resistant.

FRESHKIP™ (Non-Embossed)

• PA+PE+EVOH materials.
• BPA Free / FDA Approved / Lead Free Compliant.
• Both side transparent.
• Suitable for Chamber type machine.
• Bags Packaging.
• 7 sizes with different thickness (90 microns, 100 microns, 120 microns).
• Protect the packaged goods from freezer burn.