Stretch Hood Film

Stretch hood film is for economical, innovative, heavy duty packaging products that have a high degree of elasticity and memory retention allowing film to be stretched over a load, which then snaps back tightly when released to give a high holding force on the pallet.

Stretch hood films were originally specifically designed for the beverage industry as their stability and strength were ideal for these products but have also proved useful for temperature sensitive goods and tiles. Stretch hoods are especially suited for the tile industry because of the high level of pallet stability they offer.

With their extremely high tear- and puncture resistance, they provide excellent support for sharp edges as well as the great weight of tiles. They are stable, even for external storage and the films can be weather-resistant for up to three years. Stretch hoods can also be used for wrapping PE sacks, paper sacks and FIBCs.

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Shrink hood is widely used to unitize pallets and to bundle bags of resins in petrochemical industries. Shrink hood is also used in other packaging applications such as the packing of container glass, ceramic tiles, cement bags, bricks, building raw materials, fertilizers and food products.

Most packaging machines that use shrink hoods are usually robust and very mechanical in nature. Shrink hood films against dirt, shock and sun radiation with UV stabilization. Shrink hood films provide protection and stability for packed product, such as industrial and commercial goods due to its high puncture resistance, excellent shrink-ability, and anti-coolant properties. Suitable for both manual and automated packaging, they can be manually applied with a hand-held heat gun. The film can be used to cover pallets and it is puncture resistant.


• Optimal C.O.F.
• Balanced shrinkage.
• Good hot tack/ sealing.
• No blocking.
• Protection against dust, dirt & moisture.


• Excellent stretch properties.
• Even thickness control.
• Good puncture resistance.
• Good holding force.


• Optimal C.O.F.
• Balanced Shrinkage.
• Good hot tack/sealing.
• No blocking.


• Proven performance in multiple industries.
• Custom designs for every application.
• Cost effective solutions for specific customization.
• High potential stretch performance up to and over 100%.
• Vertical stretch potential for enhanced load stability up to 15%.
• High elastic recovery for secure packaging.
• Stronger protection than typical corrugated packaging.
• Higher resistance to puncture and tear.
• Exceptional sealing.
• Wide temperature operability range.
• Film that is well suited for printing a logo, company name, etc. which allows for promotion during distribution of the pallet loads.