Shrink Hood

We produce strong and flexible heat Shrink Films & Bags. They are an economical choice for package wrapping. They have been carefully formulated to provide great strengths, durability, versatility and low maintenance.

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• Plastic shrink wrap require low heat to shrink.
• Plastic shrink wrap can be customized in bags or sheet form.
• Plastic shrink wrap can be easily used heat gun or a small, less expensive tunnel to shrink.
• Applicable to various machines that come with different machine speeds.
• Great strength, durability, versatility and low maintenance.
• Compliance with RoHS requirement.

Advantages and Application

• Plastic shrink wrap able to protect products from dust and moisture.
• Ensuring stability of palletized goods during transportation, providing a tight fit that prevents breakage and shifting.
• Good holding force and prevent abrasion of the goods.
• Weather resistance. Enable long hours of exposure to sunlight and extreme weathers.
• Ideals packing solution for automated packing line, ranging from chemicals to food products.
• Ideals for covering and protecting skids, lumber, warehouse equipment, machine and construction material.
• Compliance with RoHS requirement.