Shrink Film

We produce strong and flexible heat Shrink Film & Bags. They are an economical choice for package wrapping. Our plant is well equipped with advance technology and machinery to ensure high production capability and quality. The Shrink Film and Bags produced can either be in film or bag form, making it suitable for manual and auto packing process.

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• Can be easily used with heat gun or small, less expansive tunnel to shrink.
• Require low heat to shrink.
• Applicable to various machines with different speeds.
• Great strength, durability, versatility and low maintenances.
• Good elongation, waterproof and impervious.
• Good clarity.

Advantages and Applications

• Able to protect products from dust and moisture.
• Ensuring stability of palletized goods during transportation, providing a tight fit that prevents breakage and shifting.
• Good holding force and prevent abrasion of the goods.
• Weather resistance. Enable long hours of exposure to sunlight and extreme weathers.
• Ideal alternative to replace other packaging methods as it is more economical.