Stretch Film – PrimeWrap Max+

Hand Pre stretch film offers many advantages over traditional stretch film. The primary advantage to pre-stretched hand stretch film is equal or increased load stability with less stretch film used. That equals lower packaging costs for you.

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Pre-stretch film with folding edge is one of the biggest growing segments in the stretch film industry. Many companies are moving towards this film to save more cost and take benefits of the other advantages it has to offer.

Pre-Stretch Film- Most all major stretch film manufacturers have started to make a form of pre-stretch film. Due to the rose of resin costs, pre-stretch film is worth considering. It is a standard gauged stretch film stretched up to 80%-90% full stretch potential and then wound on to a core for use. Double protection with the folded in edge on the film. The film is made from cast stretch film.

The ability to have the film “pre stretched” before placed on the roll offers a variety of advantages over traditional gauged stretch film. Below are some of those advantages and how they can benefit your company.

Full Stretch Potential – A common problem with most standard gauged stretch film is the user fails to reach the maximum stretch potential of the film. Some hand stretch films offer up to a 200% stretch rate. For someone applying the stretch film by hand, it takes maximum effort to pull hard enough to reach the full stretch potential.
Less Energy To Apply – Whether using hand or machine pre stretch film, less energy will be used when applying. When applying manually, workers will have less fatigue and risk of injury. Pre stretch allows workers to walk forward and pull less when applying the film instead of backwards. When using a machine, less electrical energy will be used to apply the film because of the lower tension settings required.
Lighter Weight Rolls – Pre stretch film comes on lighter weight rolls. These rolls make it easier for workers and shipping costs less.

• Less energy needed to apply.
• Lighter Rolls.
• Consistent wrapping tension.
• Thin & light weight.
• Improved productivity.
• Reduced application time.
• High resistance.
• Reduction in material usage.
• Improved environmental performance.