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CorelessWrap™ Mini Roll (Tutorial)

By May 9, 2024May 24th, 2024Video

How to Use:

1) Dispenser Setup

Upon purchasing our film, you’ll receive a complimentary dispenser to facilitate the wrapping process. Simply insert the dispenser into the CorelessWrap™ Mini Roll.

2) Film Unwinding

Position the film with the inner side facing towards the item you wish to wrap. Unwind the film from the roll, ensuring smooth and even dispensing.

3) Wrapping Process

Begin wrapping the item in a clockwise direction, utilizing the rotation mechanism provided by the dispenser for effortless application. Maintain control over the direction of application.

4) Finishing

Once wrapping is complete, apply pressure and pull the film to cleanly cut it off from the roll. With CorelessWrap™ Mini Roll, achieving a professional finish is as simple as it gets.


Embracing the Go Green Concept


By removing the core, we significantly reduce paper waste, contributing to a more sustainable packaging solution. Say goodbye to bulky core storage requirements. This not only minimizes warehouse costs but also streamlines stock maintenance, optimizing your operational efficiency.

CorelessWrap™ Mini Roll reduces shipping costs and enhances your bottom line. The absence of a core makes it lighter and more manageable, facilitating seamless wrapping processes. This increased ease of use translates to enhanced productivity as workers can effortlessly apply the film to items without the hindrance of a bulky core.


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