Aquaculture Sheets

Our aquaculture sheets have been carefully formulated to ensure a durable and impervious surface suitable for dffrent types of aquaculture applications and needs. An additional UV protetction layer can be coated to prolong product lifecycle by enhancing its resistance to all weather condition and withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

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• Cost effective by using fish pond plastic liner.
• Lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean.
• Can be constructed and tailored based on the needs.
• Non-corrosive and non-toxic.
• Waterproof and impervious.
• Excellent in Physical and Mechanical properties and resistant to oil, salt, acid and alkali.
• Thin, fairly light weight but their properties are surprisingly strong erosion control.

Advantages and Application

• Save on fertilizers and pesticide costs when used in conjunction with drip irrigation.
• Leads to better root development and a cleaner crop.
• Maintains soil moisture leading to reduced need for irrigation by up to 70%.
• Improves seed germination.
• Maintain soil structure and enhances carbon dioxide levels leading to improved photosynthesis.
• Provides barrier to soil pathogens.
• Establish erosion control, improve crops quality and prevent weed growth.