Agriculture Sheets

Our agricultural plastic film/sheets and bags have been carefully formulated to produce a durable and impervious surface suitable for all forms of agricultural needs and application.

Agricultural plastic film are available in different specifications to cater to the customer’s requirements.

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• Waterproof and impervious.
• Excellent Physical and Mechanical properties and resistant to oil, salt, acid and alkali.
• Ease for storage and distribution.

Advantages and Application

• Agricultural plastic film save on fertilizers and pesticide costs when used in conjunction with drip irrigation.
• Leads to better root development and a cleaner crop.
• Maintains soil moisture leading to reduced need for irrigation by up to 70%.
• Improves seed germination.
• Maintain soil structure and enhances carbon dioxide levels leading to improved photosynthesis.
• Provides barrier to soil pathogens.
• Establish erosion control, improve crops quality and prevent weed growth.