Perforated Sheet and Bags

Our perforated sheets and bags are designed to be easily torn, hence perfect for various uses. Our products can be ordered in different specifications to match each customer’s needs. Whether single wound, center fold, gusseted, construction & agriculture film, or pallet top covers, our perforated solutions will provide the needed balance between strength and ease of use.


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  • Easy Tear Capability: Designed for effortless tearing, reducing time and effort during application.
  • Durability and Mechanical Strength: Designed for rough handling and environmental stress.
  • Ease of Handling and Storage: It is light and manageable, making it easily portable and store.


  • More Operational Efficiency: Streamlines workflows, especially in packing and covering applications.
  • Versatility in Applications: Can be used for an extensive range of uses both in construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors.
  • Cost-effective Packaging Solution: Presented as one of the most cost-effective solutions to packaging needs.


  • Construction and Agriculture: Ideal for covering materials, ensuring protection and easy access.
  • Industrial Packaging: Is ideal for products that are supposed to be in easy access or bulk materials and supplies.
  • Protective Covering for Pallets: Ensures pallets are securely covered while allowing for easy removal when needed.
  • Custom Applications: Tailored to specific needs, designed to get the exact solution for unique problems.