General Film & Bags

We supply Polyethylene plastic Sheet Film & Rolls to markets and customers of all types. Polyethylene plastic Sheet are made from quality raw materials and subject to stringent quality control.

Our Polyethylene plastic Sheet Film & Rolls are available in a range of density, thickness and roll sizes able to meet different requirements. We can customize them to include printing of customer’s company logo, instructions, bar-code, etc.

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• Lightweight and durable.
• Waterproof and impervious.
• User friendly and perfect load security.
• Optimal economic performance and toughness.

Advantages and Application

• Perfect for use in Air Cargo Shipment – restrain movement of cargoes.
• To secure cargo and luggage and protect them from dust and moisture in airports or forwarding hub.
• Ensuring stability of cargo and luggage during transportation. Prevent surface damage by abrasion, hit and knock.
• With pleated sides extended to the width of most standard pallets, they offer inexpensive protection when used as Pallet Top Cover for the foods in warehouse.