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New Product – Building Film

By January 1, 2019May 6th, 2022News article

Bundling Film
We supply a wide range of bundling/mini film in few sizes. Bundling wrap is the perfect protection for valuables and delicate household items, it is also used to hold bundles of items together such as timbers and pipes. The heavy duty stretch wrap will protect your package and contents. It protects furniture and appliances from scratching, possible water damage, dust and dirty…


  • Protect goods from various elements
  • Secure loads during transit
  • Non-Adhesive, clean removal
  • Quick, easy to use and lightweight
  • Cost saving than tape, twine, strapping, etc
  • Reduce shipping costs by bundling items
  • Strong elasticity hold items together firmly

Advantages & Application

  • Mini stretch wrap secures and bundles irregular shaped items
  • Used for bundling tiles, wood, plastic, cartons and parts
  • Film sticks to itself, not wrapped items
  • Ideal for stabilizing pallets for internal stock movement
  • Protective wrapping for electronic items
  • Handy in almost every place- home or workplace
  • Protects from insects, dust, moisture and fungus

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